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izu Hakone Discount coupon with map

izu Hakone Discount coupon with map. Orange Discount  map.



67 facilities of Izu Hakone can be used for discount on this one piece.

If you arrive at the facility you want, please cut off the part of the discount coupon, fill in the number of people and submit it to the window. (If you go to a blue facility, you can get discount just by clicking the facility name and showing your cellphone screen.)


You can print from here.


This discount map is distributed at Izu or Hakone Road Station, Tourist Infomation, major hotels and inns.

Click on the blue letter to display the page for details and discount.  For red text facilities, please get discount map or use it after printing.

Hakone area

30 Hakoalique Museum

31 Musée du Petit Prince de Saint-Exupéry a hakone

32 Hakone Venetian Glass Museum

33 Pola Museum of art

34 Hakone Sengokuhara Prince Hotel spa

35 The Open-air Museum 

36 Hakone Museum of art 


38 Hakone Yumoto Onsen Tenseien spa

39 Mt.Fuji & Lake Ashi view from onsen RYUGUDEN

40 Hakone Komagatake Ropeway

41 Hakone-en Aquarium

42 Come play our animals!! You'll Have a Lot of fun!! Dakkoshite ZOO

43 Hakone Doll House Museum 

44 Kinubiki no sato soba udon

45 Narukawa Art Museum

46 Hakone Ekiden Museum 

47 Suzuhiro Kamaboko

If you go to the red text facility below, you must print a discount map or get it at the hotel or tourist office.

I use Google's translation, although there may be places that are hard to understand, please forgive me.