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Orange Discount  map.

Discount coupons of 19 facilities in Hokuriku are maps that can be used for this one piece.

 Facilities that can receive discounts by displaying mobile screen are marked with mobile phone. (It is the blue facility in the list below). 

If you are going to a facility without a mobile phone mark, please print out a PDF file and get it, obtain it from the Hokuriku Road Station, a hotel inn, a hotel, etc and use it. We are making replenishments from time to time, but in some cases it may be out of stock, please forgive us.

 We are also distributing at Hokuriku Expressway, Mtogadake SA descending, Nanjo SA descending.

Individuals can print PDF files from here.


Click on the blue letter to display the page for details and discount.

I use Google's translation, although there may be places that are hard to understand, please forgive me.